Our story

It all started with a young lady and her sweet dream.

It can be tough for a woman who is by herself to get introduced to a new field, but Rasha was able to turn this bitterness into the sweetest thing.

With an early start, Rasha shared her passion for desserts with her family and throughout the years, she picked up a thing or two about making oriental desserts.

As time passed by, she honed her skills to become specialized talent in oriental sweets.

She is now following her dream to make it come true!

Mouth-watering treats to everyone!

What we do?

Finest treats, best sweets!
We employ the finest skills in making all kinds of oriental sweets that you would love to indulge in.

 Our main product lines include: Om Ali, Roz b Laban, Katyef, Balila, Konafa, pudding
and many other treats.

We proudly present Egyptian & Oriental sweets with our special twist.
We pride ourselves for bridging the gap between the old and the new. Being authentic does not stop us from trying out new things every once in a while.

Our mission

We strive to satisfy customer tastes, while maintaining food innovations and quality standards.

We work to create a welcoming environment for our customers, while learning and adjusting to their needs and tastes.

Our vision

We aim to become the leading destination for traditional sweets in Egypt, while maintaining the best quality and hygiene standards.

We want to build a team of expert employees in food and customer service. And ultimately, we want to make our customer part of this family business, whilst understanding his needs and adjusting to them.

Our Values

We, at Sukar Rusha, work with pride through our values by bringing a combination of principles to our business:

- Experience
- Quality
- Variety
- Hygiene
- Taste
- Food Innovation
- Integrity
- Accountability
- Positivity & Dedication

Why us?

why us

Authentically the best

You are more than welcome to drop by our kiosk at any time to explore our wide variety of sweets.

For all the times you missed breakfast, for all the times you were craving dessert, for all the times you needed a quick boost, for all the times you didn’t find the right bite, you can grab & enjoy the special taste of our treats.

We offer a rich menu of desserts full of innovation and special twist and suitable for everyone.

What Our Client Says

Our Unique Egyptian Identity

The Brand

In addition to its mouth-watering sweets, Sukar Rusha brand design instigates significant differentiation from the Egyptian market; the new image is trendy, modern and speaks to a significantly wider audience – of which the youth.

The soon-to-be-opened kiosk shop, with its innovative concept, is a perfect illustration of the brand’s dynamism and constant evolution.

The unique and elegant taste of homemade sweets has captured the hearts and palates of countless customers. Perfection has and will always be Sukar Rusha’s promise.